• Yom KippurOn Sunday 24th September & Monday 25th September

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  • Sukkot 2023Join us for a delightful dinner in the sukkah at the Chabad House! 🍷🌿
    Celebrate together under the stars and experience the warmth and Simcha of the holiday 🌟🍽️

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  • Shabbat DinnerJoin us for Shabbat Dinner!
  • C-KIDS CLUB🌟New in Byron Shire 🌟
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    Join CKIDS CLUB each month for the latest and most exciting events! 🎤

    🎊 empowering kids to tap into their talents and interests, while connecting to their own
    Jewish identity! 🎁

    Coming club - Rosh HaShanah
    *Sunday 10th September *
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Learning & Inspiration
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  • Can Prayer Really Change Your Reality?Our very own Queen Esther teaches us that while practical actions are necessary to succeed in any... Read More
  • So You’ve Got a Chunk of G-d Inside YouThe story behind the divine soul Read More
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People know Yom Kippur as a day of repentance and forgiveness. But Yom Kippur takes you far beyond that. Because repentance means regretting who you’ve become. Yom Kippur is a day when you are embraced for who you truly are. You are a pure, divine soul. Today, in that embrace, you experience the bond that divine soul has with G-d, and you want to live that way. So you rid yourself of some unbecoming things you picked up on the road, and you return home, picking up some beautiful mitzvahs along the way. On Yom Kippur you return home to the One who embraces...
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